VIRAL: Cabbie mimics Duterte talk went blockbuster online

An eight-minute video uploaded online by Rachelle Oyette Dequina shows an unidentified taxi driver perfectly mimicking President Rodrigo Duterte’s voice with strong Visayan accent.

“I hate drugs. I said stop it,” the driver says the Duterte way.

The cabbie says his passengers have been telling him to show his talent on television but he refuses.

“Ang sabi ko (I said) I’m very sorry because I do not want to be famous, hindi ako sanay (I’m not used to it),” he says as the uploader laughs in the background.

The passenger can be heard laughing all throughout the video, obviously amused of how the driver perfectly imitates the intonation and language of the President.

This man surely cannot fix the country’s problems, but he surely can drive you to the right destination while giving you an entertainment.


Source: Facebook

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