Villegas to Parents: Don’t Let Your Kids Watch Duterte on TV

Archbishop Socrates Villegas has called on parents and educators to help children develop critical thinking to distinguish fake from legitimate news on social media and even on television.

“The government of this country is becoming the purveyor of fake news. I call on parents and guardians not to allow their children to watch the head of this government insulting women and children on television”, Villegas said referring to President Rodrigo Duterte.

For instance, Villegas also condemned Pres. Duterte’s remark about the “42 virgins” he joked during his recent visit to India.

“This president does not value the rights of the women. Women are not toys and should be given high respect. This president’s mouth expoited those rights”, Villegas added.

Moreover, Villegas also said that social media is not the only medium of fake news fabricators like supporters of Duterte uses.

“You don’t want your young children influenced by this person. You must stop them from watching him deliver his non-sense on television,” Villegas said.

Source: PhilNews Republic


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