Trillanes CPD Points Law make professionals a milking cow for endless payment


Gone were the days when we only need to fill up a form and submit a passport picture to renew our license in PRC (Professional Regulation Commission).

With the Trillanes-authored law, all professionals must earned CPD units for license renewal
. Not only that, the newly-imposed online registration makes the process even more complicated rather than easy. (Note: The procedure for license renewal posted in the PRC website is different from the ACTUAL process) Read my story below.

Last Friday I did not go to work
so that I can renew my license in PRC office in Subangdaku, Mandaue City. When I arrived I was informed to register online before I can proceed.

Just across the PRC building there is a small shop with 2 computers where people who wanted to renew their license were falling in line.

So I quickly joined the queue. One can't help but be suspicious on how people who managed that shop appear to be experts of the online process of renewing the license. Anyway, were were asked to pay 70 pesos for the scanning and printing of the 2-page form.

After paying we were asked to follow a lady to a lawyer's office and I asked why. We were told that the printed form needs to be notarized by a lawyer. We walked under the heat of the sun to the lawyer's office and we were asked to pay 204 pesos.


After the notary, we went back to the PRC office confidently thinking that the hassle process is over only to be informed that they won't accept payments and that we have to go to one of the Bayad Center Branches. We ride a taxi and went to 7 Eleven at Persimmon.

After the payment (520 pesos)
we went back to PRC office and I presented the form with the receipt of the payment. I also showed the original certificate from my 17 day CHED training in UP Diliman with photocopies.

To my disappointment, I was told that the certificate is not valid because CHED and UP are not among those accredited to conduct seminars and training for CPD units. WTF! CHED and UP not accredited????? I was instructed to fill up another form called Application for Crediting of Self Directed and/or Lifelong Learning then attached it to a photocopy of the certificate to be credited and asked to have the form notarized by a lawyer.

Yup! I paid 204 pesos for the notary again after the long distance walking to the lawyer's office and then went back to the PRC office. I was told to pay 1000 pesos to their cashier for that crediting form. I asked when can I get my renewed license.

I was informed that there is NO ASSURANCE that I can renew my license because it is still to be decided whether the certificate will be credited for the CPD units or not. WHOA! After all those hassles, very stressful processes and all my expenses that totaled more than 2000 pesos, there is no assurance that I could get a new license! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worse of all I still have to wait for 3 months to follow up the status of my license renewal.

Source: Ronnel Echavez


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