"You keep telling the public that I don't want to participate, you demonising!" —Capt. Faeldon

Former Customs commissioner Nicanor Faeldon on Monday criticized Senator Richard Gordon’s handling of the Senate blue ribbon committee probe on the alleged corruption at the bureau, saying the senator was not out to get the truth.

Faeldon and Gordon were in a heated exchange at the resumption of the Senate inquiry on the supposed “tara” system at the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Gordon said Faeldon was allowed to hold parties even while he was under Senate detention. According to him, Faeldon’s father joined the supposed parties.

Faeldon belied this, noting that his father “has long been dead. I never had party with anybody.”

Gordon corrected himself, and said Faeldon held a party for his father.

“We had a dinner…It’s not a party. You know, it’s Christmas…You’re exaggerating, your honor,” Faeldon told Gordon, to which the senator replied: “Don’t tell me I’m exaggerating.”

“I attended this hearing because I am now a government employee; not because I expect you will lead this committee to find out the truth. You’re so far from getting that, your honor,” Faeldon told Gordon.

Gordon said Faeldon, who has remained in detention since September for refusing to appear before the committee, will remain under contempt.

“I have no problem with that. I did not attend here so that I will have my liberty. I attended here so that — I’m the most interested person to ferret out the truth, which you’re so far from seeking,” Faeldon said.
Gordon said Faeldon has “avoided” speaking out the truth by refusing to testify.

Faeldon then rebutted Gordon, recalling that since September he has offered to answer all the senator’s questions in affidavit form.

“You’ve been telling the public that I don’t want to participate…Do not pretend that I do not want to participate…You are already monologuing and lecturing. This is the reason why I don’t want to attend here. You are not interested about the truth,” Faeldon said.

Gordon taunted Faeldon, telling him: “Do not cry.”

“You want this Senate to be respected but you’ve been monologuing,” Faeldon said before his mic was cut off by Gordon.

Gordon has earlier threatened to transfer Faeldon to the Pasay City jail if he will refuse to appear before the committee.


Source: News5, GMA News

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