WATCH: South Korea will be the 3rd internet provider in the Philippines

South Korea led the way with the highest average connection speed at 29.0 Mbps in Q4 2016, as per internet monitoring firm Akamai. South Korea beat Norway, Sweden and Hong Kong to claim the top spot, all of which have internet speeds up to23.6 Mbps, 22.8 Mbps and 21.9 Mbps respectively.

South Korea also boasts of internet speed that is around four times the world average of 7.0 Mbps.

The USA didn’t make the top 10, ranking No. 16 with average connection speed of 15.3 Mbps, a 7.7% rise from the prior quarter.

Other countries that also have high internet speed are Switzerland (21.2 Mbps), Denmark (20.7 Mbps), Finland (20.6 Mbps) and Singapore (20.2 Mbps).Japan and Netherlands are also included in the list of top 10 countries with the highest internet speed in the world.

Overall, four Asian countries are included in the top 10 countries with the quickest internet speeds.

However, the gap between South Korea and the slowest country in Asia Pacific is about 22 Mbps. India and the Philippines had the slowest average connection speed of just 5.6 Mbps and 4.5 Mbps respectively.

All 15 Asian countries that were surveyed by Akamai had average connection speeds above 4 Mbps, and eight of these exceeded 10 Mbps, as per the survey.


Source: PTV

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