VIRAL: US-based Filipina mocks and insults call center agents in PH

A US-based Filipina is now making the rounds online after she allegedly insulted some call center agents here in the Philippines. The said Filipina was identified as Jhenny Gacasa according to the information shared online by the popular Facebook Page "Buhay Call Center Agent."

Based upon the screenshot posted by the Facebook Page, the US-based Filipino urged the public to bring call center back to America and employ 100% fluent speakers.

Gacasa stated that she can tell by the accent that they are from out of states and some are from the Philippines, for her it's so frustrating because they can speak English but doesn't seem to understand the problem or the issue.

Here's the Complete Statement of the US-Based Filipina:

"Bring call center back to America!!!!

Employ 100% Fluent Speakers
I can tell by the accent that they are from out of states and some are from the Philippines, its so frastrating because they CAN speak ENGLISH but DOESN'T seem to understand the problem or the issue. It is ABUSED OF MY TIME to be on the phone for freaking 1 hr and it suck!! MAKA ENGLISHLANG..TNAGA NAMAN, KAASAR!

The statement of the alleged US-based Filipina caught the attentions of netizens not only call center agents from the Philippines but also some online grammarpolice who revealed some of the grammarmistakes made by the said Filipina.

Here's Some of the Reactions from Netizens:

Jana Santiago: Ang masasabi ko lang eh may malaking problema si ate sa SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT. Case 1: DOESN'T should be DON'T kasi ang subject ay "they" (plural). Case 2: it suck talaga?? Pwede namang, it sucks. Isa pa, ABUSE, in her sentence, is used as the object of the linking verb "is." Therefore: 1) there should be no D in the end. It is a noun. 2) it should be preceded by the article AN as in it is an abuse of my time. GET IT, TEH? sus! Don't me nga.

Joshua Santillana: By just looking at her eyebrows, i can tell na isa na naman po itong edition ng pilipinang umahon sa lusak dhl sa afam. Success story volume 35 po ito.

Sophia Shaira De Luna: First of all. Agent know all the process. Baka bobo lang tlaga ung tanungan at pag intindi mo kaya inabot ka ng 1 oras. Lol. P.S. walang agent ang gustong kumausap ng isang oras dahil AHT wise. Most of the time it's not agent issue. It's customers understanding.

Hannah Cabiara: Burn baby burn! Natikman mo na ngayon ang lupit at hagupit ng mga bayaning puyat na inaapi mo! Wag kami kasi kinakain namin yang irrate rants na yan at dahil wala ka sa telepono at walang QA dito lagot ka talaga! Ginising mo yong mga galit at hinanakit namin sa mga tulad mong racist sa sariling kalahi. Nakapunta lang ng America akala mo Amerkana na.

Sev Balason: Baka di sya naintindihankasi ultimo grammar nya mali mali. It is abused daw e, kahit dun lang magkakaron na ng confusion. Tapos they pero doesn’t. Tapos it pero suck. Suck suckin ko to e.



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