SHOCKING: Jover Laurio a.k.a Pinoy Ako Blog becomes the Filipino of the Year

Pinoy Ako blogger Jover Laurio, whose claim to fame is to write one or two liners in the internet cursing pro-Duterte bloggers (“balahura” is her favorite) is the Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year. The paper’s editors outvoted our soldiers who fell in the Marawi battles against ISIS-linked terrorists. (No. Maria Ressa, a competitor in the cyberworld, isn’t in their list.)

The article on this is a thinly-veiled manifesto against the Duterte administration.

PDI has put Laurio on the same pedestal as Cory Aquino and all the past presidents since her, and Laurio’s antithesis, the late EIC Letty Magsanoc (2015 Filipino of the Year).

Letty must be turning in her grave.

(It speaks volumes of the likes of Laurio that has become PDI’s and the Yellow Cult’s exemplar of journalism.)


 Ladies and gentlemen, the erudite, well paid dean from labor-strike-beset Ateneo speaks…

This is your typical disente elitist who is influencing your children…

PS – this La Viña post is one proof of how the dilawan propaganda machine will ensure Jover’s visibility. Kasama ito sa props…


Source: PDI, YouTube



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