Look: Mayor Sara Duterte May Mensahe sa mga Sumusuporta sa Kanya "Do not push me or I will run for Senate"


Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, Davao City Mayor and daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, recently threatened her opponents in saying that id they irritate her even further, she just might run for senator in the next elections.

There was a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey recently conducted that showed Sarah Duterte as the 9th favored politician in the 2019 congressional election.

She said that the critics of her father, mostly comprising of the opposition Liberal Party, should not annoy her because if she runs, that means one less slot the “yellows” can run in.

“Just don’t let the enemies of PRD (President Rodrigo Duterte) annoy me, then my slot should become available to all the yellows,” she said.

“Thank you to those who gave their support, but I still believe that being a responsible DavaoeƱo, whether in public office or as a practicing lawyer, is my contribution to nation building,” said Sara Duterte.
“If Davao City is strong, then that is the DavaoeƱos’ patriotism at work,” she said.

Sara Duterte has recently said that she will not run for senator but she is considering taking the place of Karlo Alexei Nograles as Davao City Representative.

“I do not have plans of running for a national post in the 2019 elections. But I have plans of running in the first congressional district of Davao City,” said the mayor.

President Duterte speaks highly of his daughter, clearly proud of what she has accomplished as a Mayor and a lawyer. The president is also a lawyer, and was also Davao City Mayor before his daughter, who was Davao City vice mayor during that time, replaced his position.

Sara is also Davao City’s first female and younger mayor.

Source: Inquirer



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