EXPOSED: PLDT-Smart and Globe telecom, the biggest financers of CPP-NPA

THE country’s telecommunications duopoly, consisting of PLDT-Smart and Globe Telecom, has become the biggest single source of financing for the Communist Party and its terrorist group, the New People’s Army, sources at the highest levels of government disclosed.

The sources claimed that since the start of this decade, the telcos have capitulated to the CPP-NPA’s demands for extortion money so that it will not destroy or damage their 20,000 cell towers spread all over the country, many of which are in far-flung areas too distant for the police or the military to protect.

That certainly explains why attacks on telcos’ cell-sites have dramatically gone down to practically none in the past several years, from about one each month before.

The telcos have calculated that it is cheaper to pay the NPA than hire heavily armed private security guards, who have proven again and again to be so quick to surrender to communist terrorists. “The NPA in many instances, didn’t even have to fight the security guards,” a source said. “The NPA simply tells them they will attack the site, and the security guards abandon their posts. Why shouldn’t they?”

The source estimated that based on reports on the ground on the actual payments, the two telcos may have been giving as much as P3 billion yearly to the CPP-NPA, a huge part of which are received directly by their top leaders.
“Smart and Globe are said to be the biggest sources of revolutionary tax of the NPAs in Bicol,” the study asserted. My sources claim they have become such for the entire insurgency.

The communists and the telco foreign capitalists appear to have forged an alliance very much mutually beneficial.

The CPP-NPA grew in the years before martial law because of the massive financial and logistical support by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and other anti-Marcos tycoons.

The rallies organized by the CPP in the Philippines in the 1970s before martial law was declared were bankrolled by several of such billionaires – I know as I was for a while with the financial unit that collected the money from such “sympathizers,” whom we categorized as the “enlightened national bourgeoisie.”

Source: Manila Times


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