EXPOSE: Drilon receives 5Million from Napoles and hides it from his SALN

January 22, 2018

Erwin Tulfo exposes in his radio segment in RPI that Senator Franklin Drilon who is a member of Liberal Party receives 5Million Peso from Janet Lim Napoles during the election campaign.

Janet Lim Napoles was once named Trillanes, De Lima and Drilon who benefited a lot from the said Napoles Scam during Noynoy Aquino's administration.

Erwin adds that Senator Drilon did not declared to his SALN the 5Million given by Napoles as campain donation.
This afternoon, this become one of the hottest topics online specifically in facebook. Netizens commented against the LP Senators and said was being obviously involved in every anomalous and scandals under Noynoy' admin.

LP Senators was very vocal in opposing the Duterte administration. Duterte once said that he will clean up the government in able to prosper the country and obviously, this could be one of the reason why they do everything to ruin the current government.

But Filipinos online seems fully supporting Duterte and want the Yellows to diminish from the government.



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