CONFIRMED: Children deaths due to Dengvaxia vaccine continues

The DOH’s Epidemiology Bureau has recorded a total of 133 vaccinated children who got hospitalized as of Dec. 19. Of the figure, 36 were hospitalized due to dengue.

“But the report from the bureau did not say if the children suffered from severe dengue or not,” Health Undersecretary Herminigildo Valle said.

Duque said three events give rise to dengue infections: no prior infection of dengue, vaccination with dengue vaccine and bite from an infected mosquito.

“These are three events that we look for in validating the cases,” he noted.

The health chief stressed that the DOH is open to any inquiry and has been cooperating with authorities on the investigation of the procurement and alleged deaths related to Dengvaxia.

At this time, Duque said, the DOH is still consolidating all relevant documents to be submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation, which is now investigating the Dengvaxia procurement and the administration of the vaccine to more than 830,000 public school children.

He said the DOH will also adopt a more permanent scheme of monitoring all cases related to Dengvaxia.

Duque urged parents and caregivers to monitor the health of vaccinated children and to bring them immediately to the nearest health facility as early signs of dengue infection manifest.


Source: TV Patrol

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