The idiot Trillanes even kept idiotically insisting that Duterte's economic plans rest on an "inflationary tax reform program" that is anti-poor.
Geez! How stupid can Trillanes get?

Duterte's radical reform programme is multi-pronged, and the tax reform programme is just one part of that multi-pronged reform strategy.

Duterte already has been actively bringing in foreign direct investors and has fostered positive relations with other countries who have pledged (and are actively bringing in) investment deals which will increase dramatically after one of his most important reforms happens along with his Constitutional Reform agenda: Duterte is intent on removing or at the very least EASING the anti-foreign direct investment restrictions that prevent multinational corporations and other foreign direct investors from flooding into the country to create massive employment opportunities to help combat poverty and greatly reduce unemployment.

Although Stephen Sackur didn't mention it, he hinted at Duterte's poverty reduction programme aimed at helping the people from the poorest rural areas, particularly in the south, and this is precisely what Duterte's push for FEDERALISM --- in conjunction with his strategy of easing the anti-FDI restrictions in the constitution and in the law is all about.

And here's where Trillanes shows just how STUPID and BRAIN-DEAD he is...

Trillanes kept on idiotically mentioning that Duterte's tax reform programme is "inflationary" and "anti-poor."


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