CONFIRMED: Video Leaked that LP, US and CIA will soon assassinate President Duterte to make Robredo the President

In this video, Mr. Riyoh, one of the well known Duterte supporter in social media has revealed that U.N and U.S are the ones created the global terrorist group ISIS.

According to him, Sen. Trillanes could be the brain behind the Maute terrorism attack aside Bam Aquino. But he surely believed that it was the Liberal Party who's behind all the destabilization plot against the government.

He says that LP was connived with the U.S and CIA and the plot to assassinate President Duterte will surely to conduct by the CIA once the Philippines disagree to go to WWIII against China.
President Duterte's move to befriend Russia and China was a good move since the true color of the United States is now appearing and they would surely to invade the Philippines just like what they did to Syria and Iraq and to some other parts of middle east invaded by ISIS.

He adds that the local mainstream media was surely paid by the Liberal Party same as International Media to win this black propaganda against Duterte, to make his image a DICTATOR LEADER then it was time to Leni Robredo to grab the position. 

He calls all the Filipinos to protect and be vigilant regarding this GRAND OUST PLOT against the current government. This is to protect our country as well.

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