SHOCKING REVEALED! Alleged 'true nature' of Cayetano revealed

In a facebook post of netizen Gerard Dacudao he shared a story happened back in 2000 when he had a talk with a taxi driver who happened to be the former driver of the Cayetano family.

The driver was 'complaining how elitist the Cayetano family was. Malakas daw manigaw. Marahas," Dacudao said.
Dacudao said when Senator Alan Peter Cayetano rejected Gina Lopez as a DENR Secretary, he concluded that the former was a fake and part of the oligarchy.

Dacudao also said that Cayetano was only using President Rodrigo Duterte as a 'stepping stone for his personal ambitions.'

Read his full post below:

"I once rode a taxi back in the early 2000's. And that taxi was complaining how elitist the Cayetano family was. Malakas daw manigaw. Marahas. I asked: Paano mo naman nasabi yan? He said, driver ako nila. Former driver. Kuripot daw. They pay you really bad and are all assholes. Thats why he decided to leave that family for good and just drive a taxi instead.

Well, today after Cayetano rejected Gina Lopez, and after all the private messages from DDS groups, I am concluding this guy is a fake. He is part of the oligarchy. He gambled on PRRD not for love of country but to make sure he can use PRRD as a stepping stone for his personal ambitions: The Presidency. He still defends the man but wants him to fail. So he can still aim for the Presidency in 2022 under the same flawed Presidential Unitary system.

Thats fine. Everyone deserves a fair shot for the top spot. But I hope all under the new system. Nevertheless, with your voting record today, the hell with you Mr. Cayetano. You are not a patriot. You are like the rest of the oligarchy. Opportunists. Heartless. Out to keep the status quo. How can you be for PRRD yet reject his most trusted lieutenants in governing this land? You are a fake! I ignored that personal account by that taxi driver for many years. Today, I decided to believe him. And I want the world to know. The hell with you."
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