LOOK! Rappler CEO Maria Ressa just got trolled by a Netizen on Social Media!

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, one of the most prominent advocates of anti-trolling on the internet allegedly just got trolled by a Netizen who offered her something that supposedly a scoop that would shock the world.

Jay Ar Castillo Dinglasan, a video blogger also known as Shaboy claimed that he successfully trolled the Rappler CEO after he pretended that he carried something that would pin down President Duterte.
In his post, Dinglasan accused Rappler of being focused in writing news that against President Rodrigo Duterte. He posted their short discussion with the person that which he claimed as Maria Ressa.

According to the screenshot, Dinglasan told Ressa that he possessed a photo of President Rodrigo Duterte gunning down a criminal.

“Ma’am kayo po ba yung sa Rappler diba ? Shaboy nga pala, may Isisiwalat sana ako actual picture ng pagbaril ni Duterte sa isang kawatan , pero gusto ko sana itago nyo pangalan ko , send ko po sayo ?” Dinglasan said.

Ressa allegedly replied to Dinglasan and she promised that she would keep the anonymity of the sender.

“Ok Sure , dont worry trust me .” Ressa allegedly said.

But Dinglasan only sent a screen shot of the game Duterte Fighting Crime where President Rodrigo Duterte killed criminals.

The photo has gone viral on the internet, but some netizens questioned the legitimacy of Dinglasan’ claims.

According to them, the format of the text of Ressa and Dinglasan is the same and the discussion possibly just edited by the video blogger.

They noticed that Dinglasan and Ressa both used ‘spaces before closing with a punctuation’ a hint that the screenshot was edited.

But even the discussion was not legitimate, Dinglasan gave laughter to the netizens.

“I’m pretty sure Maria Ressa does not use spaces before closing with a punctuation. Nonetheless, that’s funny as hell.” Aubrey de Josep said in her comment.  Duterte bloggers also shared the discussion between Dinglasan and Ressa and now spreading all over the internet. Maria Ressa is not yet giving an official statement on the claims of Dinglasan.
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