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Canadian Political Scientist Amir
Martial Law the only solution 
By Amir Assadollahi - A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator
He had said it many times before to keep the peace and order and not be lawless, and now that the terrorist group(s) have openly entering the city and walking around with guns and hurting people and destroying property, he has to declare Martial Law for that region, otherwise this lawlessness and terrorism will spill over to other regions, and the problem will be deepening and widening not only in the Philippines but also in the whole region of Southeast Asia. He has to be harsh with the terrorists to show them and anyone who wants to be like them that there is no room for terrorism and recruiting extremist and having criminal behavior.
This is a showcase to recruit criminals, drug dealers, corrupt people and extremists to start problems all over the Philippines and Southeast Asia and perhaps with the possibility of foreign hands involvement.
The Filipino people have to be behind their President 100% and help him deal with that situation no matter how harsh he becomes toward the terrorists. You don't want to have another Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya or Yemen in your backyard, do you? So report terrorist and criminal activities directly to the government, and report the people with association to them or supporting them directly, too.
If the President Duterte is soft on those people, they will destroy the Philippines and the region and many ISIS members and other extremist terror organizations who want to expand their agenda will flood the Philippines and the Southeast Asia region, and you will have in your hand global forces fighting each other under excuse to fight them to access your natural resources and send back Philippines into stone ages as you have seen it happen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Yemen. President Duturte needs to address that issue quickly and harsh enough, but the Filipinos and the Philippine media must be behind him 100%. The media (in particular: CNN, GMA, ABS-CBN, Rapplers, Inquirer, Philippines Stars, etc) cannot play their stupid games to misinform the global community.
When the act of terrorism happened in England, in France and anywhere else in Europe and North America, all the citizens and news organizations showed and are showing their solidarity behind their government and their fight against terrorism and extremism. The Philippines must do the same. This is not a game, and if you (the news organizations) want to play games, you are a supporter of terrorism period - there is nothing else that can be said about that. The Philippines is not Europe nor it is North America, so the approach toward terrorism cannot be the same. The Philippines is still dealing with cleaning up the criminality, illegal drug trades and corruption elements and corrupt and criminal oligarchs problems in the Philippines that infiltrated everywhere in businesses and government, military and police including politicians, police, military, judicial system, public representatives (Mayors and public servants) as well as journalists and corporate news organizations. You have to ask yourself one big question on why Bam Bam Aquino Junior was doing in that city and why the so called "Magnificent Seven" visited Madam De Lima (the queen of the drug lords) in jail, and what is the so called international organization came to check on Madam De Lima all in same week or so, and how the international organizations are pushing the Philippines to change its policies (I am talking about the E.U. that the Philippines refused their aid in recent the week for forcing the Philippines to change its politics, and before that the so called "Dr. Agnès Callamard" visiting the Philippines in a surprised attendance for so called invitation to academic conference in the Philippines and the so called "Dr. Anders Corr" writing fake article on economy of the Philippines. [note that Dr. Anders Corr's research and interest is on military technology and likelihood and outcome of the war, revolutions and coups and terrorism!] ). You have to look at patterns no matter how disconnected they may look to an untrained eyes.
You cannot afford to do things like the way it is done in Europe and North America. Declaring Martial Law in that region is the only way to swiftly address the terrier problem (and President Duterte had already informed you that he will do it to protect the future generation of the Filipinos if lawlessness takes place).

All the political parties and all politicians and all news organizations in the Philippines must support him and his fight against terrorism just the way all the Europe and North America is united together against terrorism and against terror groups. The Philippines cannot afford being divided on this - they must be united in their fight against terrorism and lawlessness.
The future of the Philippines is at stake and the peace and the security and economic growth is at stake. The Philippines must be united. This is a fight against extremist terrorist organizations that are aiming to recruit criminals, corrupts and drug dealers as well as inviting the foriegn nationals and mercenaries to create problems in the Philippines and in the Southeast Asia region. It is a showcase for initiating terror in the Philippines in larger scales. Their number may look small to the naked eye, but they can grow like a plague.
This type of strategy has happened before in other parts of the world. The result was revolutions, coups and distractions through civil war sponsored by foriegn nations. Just study your history and you know that I am right.
I am interested in peace and security, and that is a wider lens I use to look at things, and I can see that the only way to keep the peace and security in the Philippines and in the region is by doing and following what President Duterte is doing. Other political scientist may not be interested in the area that I am interested in, and so they focus on what interests them, and so they use more narrower lens and tend to miss the bigger picture. The journalists tend to use a narrower lens in particular if they have a political agenda or loyalty to a group. Be careful about such groups as they manipulate the truth for their own benefits as our so called "Dr. Anders Corr" and "Dr. Agnès Callamard" have been doing to increase their own interests and corporate news organizations have been feeding them as well as other international organizations with fabricated news. The same things has happened many times over and over in the world history, and I hope you would not fall into that trap again.
Locals of Mindanao are supporting the Martial Law, because they want those terrorist groups to be dealt with and them never to rise again or come back. It is sad to see that outside of Mindanao some people criticize the Martial Law, because the as the old saying goes, the "grass is greener on the other side of the road" - they are not under threat and their lives in not in danger by those terrorists and ISIS wanna be individuals.
We are talking about terrorist groups who kill people and kidnap people. We are talking about people who purposely causing harm and damage property and want to create lawlessness. We are talking about criminals who join those groups. The Martial Law is to protect the people and weed those idiots out. The UN and other international and Supranational organizations must support the fight against those extremist terror groups that want to be the new ISIS in the region.
Also, don't you think it is very strange that in Marawi city Bam Aquino, Trillanes, Amejano and the Magdalo group "accordingly" had visited the city 3 days before President Duterte leaving for Russia? If you look at the patterns of behavior, anytime President Duterte is on important national business and negotiations, those clowns do something!
The Philippines is doing what needs to be done and the only thing that can be done. Remeber, the Philippines is not Western Europe not it is North America. The same rules does not apply in the Philippines.


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