Must Read! Leni Robredo "Bakit hindi gawing Legal nalang ang Shabu sa Pilipinas!

Vice President Leni Robredo suggested Friday that the Philippines look to the example of Portugal, which made the radical decision of decriminalizing drug use in 2001, leading to lower drug-related deaths and declines in drug abuse among its citizens.

Robredo was challenged by a student to offer an alternative to the government's deadly drug war, which has left thousands dead since last year.
She said the government should study the best practices by countries that found solutions to the drug menace, and cited Portugal as a triumphant example, according to a transcript of the exchange sent by her staff

"If we only study the drug campaigns around the world, we will see that the countries that used violence in combating drugs never succeeded. Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico these countries used force, they fought fire with fire. Many lives were lost but they were not successful, she said in Filipino.

"Who were successful?" she asked the students.
"One of those is Portugal. What did Portugal do? Portugal found a system to combat drugs that was peaceful and orderly. They reformed their laws; they strengthened rehabilitation [of addicts]; they fixed their institutions responsible for rehabilitating.
"They were triumphant,"Robredo said. Robredo said it was
important to learn from the experience of other countries facing drug problems." Why don't we look at the best practices and try them, because we have enough lessons in the past from other countries to determine what works and what doesn't, she said. 

She said she wished to pursue community rehabilitation for drug dependents."Many of those who surrendered were not really drug dependents but occasional drug users. Why don't we create a program for them? she said.



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