VIRAL! Sinorpresa ng Kanyang Asawang Sundalo Ang Asawa Pero May Kasama Itong Ibang Lalaki At Nakahubad Pa

The marine was so excited to surprise his wife and daughter so he used his mobile phone’s camera to document their reaction as he entered the house. In the background, you can hear the toddler shouting “Daddy!”

But when he entered the bathroom’s doorway on the second floor he saw another man leaning over the door while his cheating wife is sitting naked on the toilet.

He shouted: “Hey what’s going on? What’s up? You’re f***ed!”

The other man apparently was also a war veteran. He and the marine’s wife seemed calm that she remained uncovered and yelled back, “What are you doing here?” The marine angrily answered: ” What are you doing here? Cheating on me?” The wife can be heard speaking in the background as she denied his allegation.

Then the marine escorted his wife’s lover down the stairs and out of his house while cussing at him and asks, “Hey, what’s your name and rank, dude?”

The video was posted on Facebook on July 28 and has gone viral with over 5,000,000 views.

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