Isang government official sasampahan ng patung-patong na kaso ng kanyang sariling asawa.

This blind item was written by Arnold Clavio, a respected radio/television newscaster, journalist, and television host in the Philippines concerning a high government official hidden under the anonym ‘Angry Bird’.

Next week, the wife of this public official is set to file several charges against him after she found out that he purchased a condominium unit which excluded her from ownership; that call girls, including possibly a call boy, used to visit this official; that a whip was found in the unit (it is not unknown if the same was used as protection against thieves or used in wild sex); and that co-workers of ‘Angry Bird’ had noticed that he sometimes go to the office limping.
Worse, the wife also discovered 400 million pesos in cash in the condominium unit, deposit slips and other incriminating documents against ‘Angry Bird’.

‘Angry Bird’ allegedly blew his top and threatened his wife that he will cut support for their 4 children. After failing to pacify the wife, ‘Angry Bird’ is now peddling his story that it was the wife who first cheated on him.

The wife is now under the care of a very prominent lawyer who confirmed to Arnold Clavio the situation of ‘Angry Bird’.

According to the lawyer, ‘Angry Bird’ has about 2 billion pesos in ill-gotten wealth o undeclared assets. His wife is set to file charges of corruption against ‘Angry Bird’ on his very birthday.

Clues: ‘Angry Bird’ is a presidential appointee. His favorite songs are “HINDI KITA MALILIMUTAN” and “MOON RIVER”.

If stones were to fall from heaven, whoever gets hit should not get mad. I have said time and again that the syndicate cheating our elections have earned mind-boggling sums of money. According to a senator I have spoken to, the syndicate earned a total of 15 billion pesos in their cheating operation in the 2016 elections alone. That is why it does not come as a surprise to me at all if the ill-gotten wealth o share of the loot of ‘Angry Bird’ from this cheating operation has reached about 2 billion pesos. If you consider this as additional clue, it is up to you.


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