BREAKING! Trump to Duterte: U.S is fully behind you.Human rights didn't elect you,Citizens did

WASHINGTON, DC-Following intense criticism fom International human rights groups to president Duterte regarding his war on drugs,the U.S president,Donald Trump has once again given his counterpart Philippines president,a pat on the back,strengthening him that his citizens are squarely counting on him and that he should ignore the ever insignificant critics who always have no solution to offer.
Trump who has always be likened to Duterte in multiple ways said that,the so-called Human rights groups will always point an accusing finger without tabling any tangible solution for adoption to deal with situation at hand. "U.S is fully behind you.Human rights groups didn't elect you,Citizenz did"Trump remarked

This remarks came a few days after international Human groups condemned Duterte for using his powers to intimidate governments critics.The groups labeled De Lima's arrest a "politically driven motive"by Duterte to eliminate her from the equation.



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