VIRAL! This Teenage Mom Admitted to Sexually Abusing Her 3-Month-Old Child!

A teenage mother was arrested for allegedly abusing her 3-month-old child and making sexually abusive material involving the infant.

Jazmine Nichole Pacyga, 19, from Muskegon Township confessed to performing oral sex onto her new born according to the abuse and neglect petition filed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
The petition also states that the child is not in good hands as the teenager is an alcohollic, making her unfit to take care of the infant.

Pacyga was brought up to Muskegon Country Jail facing two heavy cases and had her parental rights suspended as authorities seek the father of the child.

Charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct and manufacturing child pornography were put on the teen mom.

Criminal sexual conduct warrants a lifetime sentence while sexually abusive material goes up to 20 years.

The incident occured in February 5, according to the reports of the Muskegon Country Chief Assistant Prosecutor Timothy Maat.

Pacyga was identified as a second-time habitual offender for her previous conviction on felony home invasion.

Pacyga started trial on February 7 and her bail is set at $200,000. Her preliminary exam is due this comming February 23 at 2 PM in the courtroom of the Muskegon Country District Judge Geoffrey Nolan.


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