Viral Now!: Liza Soberano's attitude behind the camera was exposed!

The real attitude of Liza Soberano was caught on cam!
The actress is a good person who's beautiful inside and out.

We really can't deny the fact that Liza Soberano is one of the most admired actress in the industry. Aside from her mesmerizing beauty, people also love her simplicity.
A lot of local artists and international artists have already expressed their admiration towards the young actress.

LizQuen, the famous tandem of Liza Soberano and Eneique Gil has once again reached another success after their recent film.entitled "My Ex and Whys" became a big hit!

In line with this, the love team has to promote their movies in different malls and they can't avoid to encounter fans who are eager to take a photo with them.

In one of their mall shows, a fan hurriedly ran towards Liza Soberano who's about to perform, but then, Liza's body guards stopped her.

The body guards tried to push her away but then, Liza suddenly came, stopping the body guard from pushing the woman away.

Liza Soberano then allowed the woman to take a photo with her. Enrique Gil even went down the stage to join them.

With what Liza did, people lauded her. People praised her for being more than just a pretty face. No wonder their love team always receives blessigs.


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