VIRAL! KARUMAL-DUMAL talaga ang nangyari sa pinay na ito , Chinop-chop ng German husband upang makapunta sa SEX TOUR . !

S*x trafficking is a huge problem in itself. It is mainly defined by using a person with the intent to engage in s*xual relations and/or to entice other perverted people to spend money on the victim for s*x. It is a big problem in large parts of Asia, where disenfranchised women and children are taken in by the perpetrators of this unforgivable crime. 

It becomes a greater problem when it's the cause of an innocent person's death, and yes it happened.  
Horst Koenig is a German who married a Filipina named Grace. From what we gathered, the two have been married for 10 years. 

It was not a fruitful and love-filled decade; rather it was a marriage full of deception and infidelity.  

Finally, after 10 long years Horst decided he wanted more. He discovered the s*x tourism industry and wanted in, yet he knew that his wife would be a big hurdle so he thought of the unthinkable.  

He saw it fit to murder his wife just to get what he wanted. 

It was like something straight out of a CSI episode, Horst rented an abandoned space, installed internet and researched ways on how to murder his wife. After several attempts, he finally found something. 

So while Grace was sleeping, her husband pounded a hammer into her head and suffocated her with a plastic bag. When he was sure that she was dead, he cut her body into 8 pieces. 

If you think that was it, it's not. To gain more finances for his Thailand trip he drained his wife’s bank account. 
In an attempt to cover up his crime, he used his wife's email and emailed her friends that she had left him. 

Horst went on the adventure of his life. He wasted all his money on a 5-week vacation in Thailand.  

He actually thought he could get away with his crime, but when he returned to Germany, he was instantly arrested in Augsburg.  

This is one unforgettable crime rooted in an industry that shouldn't be promoted or tolerated. Although Thailand is doing its best to eradicate illegal s*x workers and the s*x industry, they are always a few steps behind and this incident is powerful proof of the damage it can wreak.



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